thanks to...

Tom Tryfonidis
Arch linux package/pkgbuild official maintainer (AUR)
Greek manual translator
Valuable advisor

Yiorgos Kapellakis
rpm packager, valuable tester and remote connections advisor

Nikolas Poniros
Greek gui translator and valuable tester

Patrick Matthaei
(Debian Developer)
package maintainer for Debian

Dimitris Kalamaras
If it wasn't him and his tutorials I would never have started this project

The indifex team
for developing the wonderful transifex localization platform and providing it for free

Stephan Kleine
OpenSUSE package maintainer (KDE4 Community repo) and valuable packing advisor

Marcos Del Puerto Garcia
Mepis package maintainer (Community repo) and Spanish gui translator

Savvas Radevic
ubuntu package maintainer (launchpad PPA)

Jack Fink
Port to Mac OS X

Elbert Pol
Port to OS/2

Bruce Marriner
Port to MS windows

Juan Ramon Alfaro Martinez
Code contributor for remote & vss support regarding the windows port

Code contributor for important fixes, structure improvement and port to Qt5

Theo Chatzimichos
Gentoo ebuild maintainer

Dimitris Stasinopoulos
Puppy pet & sfs maintainer

Juan Luis Baptiste
mandriva package maintainer (official contrib repo)

Michael J Gruber
Fedora package maintainer (official repo)

Jason E. Hale
FreeBSD package maintainer

Dimitris Jemos
Slackel package maintainer

Thomas Janssen
ex- Fedora package maintainer

Pavel Fric
Czech gui translator

Stergios Prosiniklis
Greek manual translator

Karsten Jaschultowski
German gui translator

Wilfried Schobel
German gui translator

Thomas Glatt
German gui translator

Sergio Gameiro
Portuguese gui translator

Marcio Moraes
Portuguese gui translator

António Correia
Portuguese gui translator

Francesco Braile
Italian gui translator

Italian gui translator

Italian gui translator

Alessio Ganci
Italian gui translator

Julien Cynober
French gui translator and valuable packing advisor (and not only)

Aurélien Merckel
French gui translator

Sébastien Bourgain
French gui translator

Denis Skorski
Russian gui translator and valuable tester

Kenny Verstraete
Dutch gui translator

Martin Grashoff (linuxrev)
Dutch gui translator

Subhi Honaco
Bosnian gui translator & mandriva package maintainer

Majed Sahli
Arabic gui translator

Adrian Murariu
Romanian gui translator

Angelescu Constantin
Romanian gui reviewer & translator

Andrej Znidarsic
Slovenian gui translator

Matej Urbančič
Slovenian gui translator

E. Hakan Duran
Turkish gui translator

Marvin Gomez
Spanish gui translator

Antonio Jose Molina
Spanish gui translator

Fredrik Holmgren
Swedish gui translator

Roger Calvó
Catalan gui translator

Tomáš Vadina
Slovak gui translator

Rivo Zängov
Estonian gui translator

Nicolay Boychev
Bulgarian gui translator

Marcos Lans
Galician gui translator

Roger Foss
Norwegian gui translator

Pin-hsien Li
Chinese (Taiwan) gui translator

Axel Rousseau
Esperanto gui translator

Omar Anwar
Arabic gui translator

Javi Romero
v0.3 gui designer

v.0.3 gui designer

Tito Poquito
slackware package maintainer (SlackBuilds Repository)

Michele Dall'Arno
special guest bug killer ;)

Aphofis Scott
valuable tester & brainstorming specialist

Yuri Vidal
backupwhenidle python script developer

Bjorn Rietdijk
valuable OS/2 and windows tester all users of the
Linux Inside,,,, hellug and
forums for their support.

Especially :
alfisti, constantinos, promeneur, grigris, dannys, marios, Regenwald, flo, Ilias Paraponiaris, Takis Vounatsos, Lieven Tytgat, mathetes, Johan Linde, Chris Sylvester, Manos Nikiforakis, Giorgos Katsikatsos, Carsten, Ray Ambrosi, Barry Jackson, Damien Cassou, Daniele Soldati, Chris (slam), Paul Chapman, kingfame, Giorgos 'jeff' Finikianakis, Shelby Williams, Felix, skevo, Philipp F, Christian Harms, Paul Hewlett, Tristan Gross, Fabian Muscariello, James Mohr, Julie Pierson, Peter, Michael Daffin and Kate Draven
that contributed to this project one way or another

Last but no least : other half, Dimitra that bears with me all these times that this project is under development :-)