IMPORTANT: luckyBackup copies files preserving their permissions, so you should run it with su privileges if you want to transfer data that a normal user has no authorization on.

Please note that there 2 links will be created in your menu:
1. For normal user execution.
This is created under Utilities (kde) or Accessories (Gnome) or Applications -> File Management (Debian menu).
2. For super-user execution.
This is created under System (kde) or System Tools (Gnome) or Applications -> System -> Administration (Debian menu).
Fedora users, install the beesu package to use the system menu link.


  • libqtcore4 (>= 4.4)
  • libqtgui4 (>= 4.4)
  • libc6 or glibc (>= 2.7-1)
  • libgcc1 (>= 4.1.1)
  • libstdc++6 (>= 4.1.1)
  • rsync

  • Fedora users, install "qt-x11" & "qt" packages for required libraries.
    For a full compilation from source you will also need the qt4 (libqt4-dev or libqt4-devel or qt4-devel) development (>=4.4) package.

source compile

1. Download & extract the tarball.

2. Using the console go to the extracted tarball directory e.g :

$ cd ...../luckyBackup-0.X.X

3. execute commands:

$ qmake-qt4 (or just "qmake" if you only use Qt4)
$ make

4. execute command (as root) :


# make install

# make uninstall

From inside the build directory

To install luckybackup to a directory other than /usr, use the following command:

make INSTALL_ROOT=/Path_/to_/install_/ dir install

Specific distro package install

NOTE : If you have already installed an older version of luckyBackup, it is advised that you first uninstall that and then proceed to the new version installation.
Your saved profiles will not be deleted.

1. Download the package file
(If you prefer the Arch pkgbuild, you have to extract the tarball after the download).

2. Using the console go to the directory that the package file (or the extracted Arch pkgbuild) lies.
e.g. if you downloaded it on your desktop :

$ cd ~/Desktop/

3. execute command (as root) :



# dpkg -i luckybackup_0.X.X_xxxx.deb

# dpkg --remove luckybackup



# rpm -ivh luckybackup-0.X.X.xxxx.rpm

# rpm -e luckybackup

Installation from available repositories


Repo : universe
Maintainer: MOTU developers
Installation command :

# apt-get update
# apt-get install luckybackup

...or just use synaptic


Repo : Debian sid
Maintainer: Patrick Matthaei (Debian Developer)
Installation command :

# apt-get update
# apt-get install luckybackup


Repo : AUR
Maintainer: Tom Tryfonidis (thanos)
Installation command :

# yaourt -S luckybackup


Repo : openSuse KDE4 Community repo
Maintainer: Stephan Kleine
Instructions : Add Package Repositories to YaST  


Repo : Mepis Community repo
Maintainer: Marcos Del Puerto GarcĂ­a
Instructions : Follow these instructions that refer to the test repo. Please be patient until luckybackup makes it to the main repository.  

Mac OS X

Repo : Fink project
Maintainer: Jack Fink
Instructions : Follow these instructions to install LB from Fink.  


Repo : official Gentoo tree
Maintainer: Theo Chatzimichos (tampakrap)
Installation command :

# emerge -av luckybackup


Repo : contrib
Maintainer: Juan Luis Baptiste
Instructions : Installing and removing software  


Repo : SlackBuilds Repository
Maintainer: Tito Poquito
Instructions : SlackBuild Usage HOWTO  


Repo : -
Maintainer: Bruce Marriner
Instructions : windows port wiki