known issues

  • Many timestamped folders (in the form of YYYYMMDDhhmmss) are accumulated inside the destination under directory .luckybackup-snaphots when the source contains a folder named .luckybackup-snaphots as well and the "No of snapshots" field is set to more than "1".
    Error message cannot delete non-empty directory: [RELATIVE.PATH]/.luckybackup-snaphots/[YYYYMMDDhhmmss]/ comes up.
  • Copy command to clipboard of the validate dialog produces some unexpected results if clicked more than once.
  • When using a cloudfuse mount, the app crashes with a "std::bad_alloc" message during directories checks.
  • non-ASCII characters (eg Greek, Cyrillic, German Umlauts) may cause issues when used at profile or task or directories names. Valid for CLI or cron
  • When a file is deleted at snapshot "A" and re-created as new at snapshot "B", then it will be excluded during restore for snapshots < "A" !!
  • If a source file's attributes or extended attributes or ACLs have changed but the actual content of the file remains the same, the changes will be transfered over to the destination (last snapshot) normaly but the previously made snapshot will not be updated (...meaning the corresponding file of that snapshot will have the new attributes too).