Oct 17

Release of version 0.4.9



Mar 16

Release of version 0.4.8



Oct 08

Upgraded project to the new sourceforge platform

Mar 14

Release of version 0.4.7

Feb 13

Localization is from now on organized via the wonderful transifex.

Feb 10

The luckybackup git repo is up and running, always providing the latest source code.

Feb 04

The French translation is fully updated thanks to Aurélien Merckel :)

Jan 02

luckybackup is nominated as backup application of the year at the 2011 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awardsl



Nov 28

Donation cause changed to Floga

Sep 16

LB is now available in Catalan thanks to Roger Calvó :)

Aug 26

LB has now it's own corner at makeuseof

Jun 13

Donation cause changed to Elpida

Jun 13

Release of version 0.4.6

Mar 14

OS/2 port is available thanks to Elbert Pol :)

Mar 11

Official Fedora package is now maintained by Michael J Gruber. Welcome to the luckybackup family Michael :)

Mar 09

New website is up and running

Mar 09

Release of version 0.4.5

Mar 03

Pets & sfs are now available for puppy linux, thanks to Dimitris (alfisti)



Oct 31

Release of version 0.4.4

Sep 03

version 0.4.3 released.

Aug 23

version 0.4.2 released.

Jul 22

LB now speaks Swedish thanks to Fredrik Holmgren :)

Jun 19

version 0.4.1 released.

May 22

Portuguese (Brasil) gui translation fully updated to 0.4.0. Thank you Μarcio.

May 10

version 0.4.0 released.

Mar 02

LB now speaks Slovenian thanks to Andrej Znidarsic :)

Mar 01

LB hits the official Fedora repo. Cheers to maintainer thomasj

Feb 28

LB now speaks Turkish thanks to E. Hakan Duran :)



Dec 27

French gui translation fully updated to 0.3.5. Thank you Julien :)

Dec 19

Romanian gui translation fully updated to 0.3.5. Thank you Adrian :)

Dec 17

version 0.3.5 released (due to a serious 0.3.4 bug).

Dec 16

version 0.3.4 released.

Nov 25

LB hits the Mandriva contrib repo.

Oct 31

The new ubuntu includes LB at the universe repos.

Sep 27

LB is now available in Bosnian thanks to Subhi Honaco.

Sep 25

Package for mandriva is released thanks to Subhi Honaco.

Aug 18

LB gui now speaks Italian thanks to Raffaele.

Aug 03

LB wins 3rd place at the sourceforge community choice awards as a "best new project".

Jul 09

version 0.3.3 released

Jun 23

LB makes it to the finals at the sourceforge community choice awards, as a best new project. That is great honour !!

Jun 21

Theo Chatzimichos is now a proud maintainer of the LB Gentoo ebuild. Thank you Theo :)

Jun 20

luckyBackup was presented at the developers opensource conference

May 30

version 0.3.2 released !!

May 29

version 0.3.1 released

May 23

LB goes unstable. Thanks to DD Patrick Matthaei it is now officially part of Debian proper, the 64bit version is already in Sid.

May 21

luckybackup gui goes Russian. A big thanks to Denis Skorski :)

May 14

LB is ported to Mac OS X by Jack Fink

May 08

version 0.3 released

Apr 03

luckybackup gui now speaks Portuguese (Brasil) thanks to Sergio Gameiro and Marcio Moraes

Mar 31

luckybackup is proposed for KDE integration

Mar 10

luckyBackup is available at the launchpad PPA (ubuntu)
Savvas Radevic is the official maintainer and he didn't sleep for days to accomplish that. Big thank you Savvas :)

Mar 19

luckyBackup hits the Mepis Community repo
kudos to the official maintainer, Marcos Del Puerto García, for his effort

Mar 19

luckybackup gui goes Spanish thanks to Marcos Del Puerto García

Mar 18

luckybackup is proposed as an Ubuntu easy-to-use, effective backup software

Mar 17

Version 0.2.2 released


luckyBackup steadily and for weeks holds the position of the highest rated application at kde-apps.org

Mar 01

luckyBackup hits the openSuse KDE4 Community repo
kudos to the official maintainer, Stephan Kleine, for his effort

Feb 09

Version 0.2.1 released

Feb 07

luckybackup gui goes Czech thanks to Pavel Fric

Feb 05

Web page new look (any comments are welcome)

Jan 27

luckybackup gui goes Greek thanks to Nicolas Poniros (edhunter)

Jan 19

v0.2 documentation released

Jan 12

luckyBackup makes it to the AUR (Arch linux User Repositories).
A huge thanks to the official maintainer, Tom Tryfonidis (thanos), for his effort



Dec 30

(Happy new year) - version 0.2 released

Dec 24

(Merry Xmas) - v0.2-pre1 released

Nov 05

Arch package & pkgbuild released (thanks to thanos)

Nov 04

Red hat package (rpm) released (thanks to slackware)

Oct 21

Version 0.1.2 released (source & deb)

Oct 17

Debian package (.deb) released (both i386 & amd64 architectures)

Oct 09

Version 0.1.1 released

Oct 09

Project's website is up and running

Oct 07

Documentation produced

Oct 05

Version 0.1 released