high priority

  • Fix known issues.
  • Add ability to only restore part of a snapshot.
  • Implement a better (and less memory consuming ) method to calculate differences at manage backup dialog.
  • Make the UI compatible with high DPI displays

low priority

  • Implement the run of multiple rsync instances at the same task, to improve speed and efficiency.
  • Allow an infinite number of snapshots instead of the current maximum setting of 500.
  • Implement a restore solution via the command-line interface.
  • Implement the use of hard links for the creation of multiple snapshots.
  • Make the tray icon animated instead of static and show a tooltip when hovering over it.
  • Add a suspend button in addition to the existing "shutdown" option at the run dialogue. `

we'll see...

  • Integrate support for remote cloud storage resources.
  • Integrate support for anacron or incron, not only cron, at schedule dialog.
  • Improve sync functionality to take into consideration deleted files as well as files that were modified at both directories.
  • Add option for making compressed/archive (tar, gz etc) backups.
  • Add option to encrypt backups.
  • Integrate support for ftp - sftp.